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Erasing Barricades: Woman in Indian Literature

Erasing Barricades : Woman in Indian Literature

Erasing Barricades: Woman in Indian Literature
New Delhi: Authorspress, 2010.

Editors :
Nibir K. Ghosh
Sunita Rani Ghosh

The essays in this volume, contributed by distinguished academics, scholars and creative writers, showcase, through insightful critical evaluation of creative renderings, the exciting voyage of woman from the snares of silence to the lyrical articulation of her agony and ecstasy. Cutting across frontiers of language, genre, region, class, culture, community and religion, the anthology brings to the fore issues related to women located in all walks and shades of life: be it inside the haveli or outside the veil, as occupants of the Gandhian literaryspace or contending with the sinister designs of patriarchal mechanism either in the rarefied atmosphere of high society or in the marginalised existence of a subaltern. If there is anything that the wide range of women’s writing mentioned in this volume have in common – besides their literary talent, and secondly their gender – it’s a certain bravery that impelled them to write in the first place. The mention of these writers and the accounts of their work remind us of how many women, in every age and culture, transcended the traditional barriers that have kept their work from being written, published and read. This collection is bound to be valuable to those who seek to consider some of the critical debates that question and challenge the status quo. Through the dialogue between theory and text, discussion and even controversy about these authors can be raised. The issues surrounding poetry, prose, gender and place, are brought to the forefront and, like all pieces of critical writing, the essays themselves reflect the intersections of text and reader. A unique feature of this anthology is the harmonious bilingual blend in expressing viewpoints seminal to universal human concern.

Book Launch : Erasing Barricades

The Launch of Erasing Barricades by Shri Vijay Kumar, I.P.S., Inspector General Police, Agra at the National Seminar on “Gandhi: The Man and Mission” at Agra 0n October 1, 2010. Presences in the photograph include the Editors – Dr. Nibir K. Ghosh, Dr. Sunita Rani, Dr. Ms. Sujata, – Mr. Sudarshan Kcherry (Authorspress) and other dignitaries.