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Multicultural America : Conversations With Contemporary Authors

Multicultural America : Conversations with Contemporary Authors

Multicultural America : Conversations With Contemporary Authors.
Dr. Nibir K. Ghosh
Chandigarh : Unistar, 2005.
pp. 208+xxiii. Rs.395

“Going back to the time of Frances Trollope, Dickens, and Tocqueville, our understanding of American life has always been enriched by the observations of sharp-eyed visitors from abroad. They may miss things that natives know in their bones, but as outsiders they show an uncanny sense of what most natives ignore or simply take for granted. Above all, they defamiliarize the cultural landscape, upending the conventional wisdom about what is central to it and what is marginal. To Dr. Nibir K. Ghosh, a distinguished Indian scholar of American literature, the ever-shifting margins of American society, especially the diverse groups that compose it, are central: like Ralph Ellison, he sees American culture as the braided strands of many cultures, not static and separate but dynamically interwoven in shifting patterns. During the course of an academic year spent in Seattle, often seen as one of America’s whitest, most homogeneous cities, Dr. Ghosh set out to explore these margins through conversations with writers…Dr. Ghosh’s ultimate subject is the diversity of American life and writing, not the stunted ideological diversity of identity politics but the prismatic diversity of a true multiculturalism…Dr. Ghosh’s engaging colloquies with each of these varied figures bring to mind the work of journalist Studs Terkel, who has spent a lifetime talking to ordinary and extraordinary Americans, and the celebrated interviews with writers that have appeared in the Paris Review over the past half century.” 
                                                       Morris Dickstein,
Distinguished Professor of English
Graduate Center of the City University of New York

The launch of Multicultural America

Launch of Multi Cultural America

Mr. Adnan A.Siddiqui, Cultural Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy launching Multicultural America: Conversations with Contemporary Authors by Nibir K. Ghosh on 30th November, 2005 at the Fulbright Conference on “Fulbrighters: Cultural Ambassadors” held at Hotel Mount View, Chandigarh from November 28-30, 2005. Dr. Jane Schucoske, Director, United States Educational Foundation in India, NewDelhi is seen applauding the event. In addition to the Fulbright scholars from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, USEFI Board Members, Regional Fulbright Commission Directors, PublicAffairs Officers in South Asia, and representatives from the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Education, Council of International Exchange of Scholars, graced the Book Launch ceremony.