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W.H. Auden: Therapeutic Fountain

W H Auden : Therapeutic_Fountain

Nibir K. Ghosh
W.H. Auden: Therapeutic Fountain
New Delhi: Authorspress, 2010.
ISSBN: 978-81-7273-538-8.
Rs. 525

“In the United States, where I live and teach, and where poetry often follows literary fashions and cultural fads, W.H. Auden’s life and work have largely fallen from view. It could be true of other places too. This is unfortunate because Auden was a passionate poet, and an intensely political person for much of his life, and he deserves to be remembered more widely than he is today. I hope that Nibir K. Ghosh’s new, invigorating and intriguing book about Auden changes all this, and that it introduces Auden to a new generation of English-language readers all around the world. Ghosh wisely views Auden as a man on a quest; he certainly follows all of Auden’s many quests, some of which led to disillusionment and sorrow. He writes about Auden warmly and intimately as though he were a friend or acquaintance. His Auden seems vulnerable and human, not a literary superstar, or a god of poetry and this too is good because it makes Auden approachable and not intimidating. The world of the 21st century is different than the 20th century that Auden inhabited; things and events move more swiftly. But our world is not entirely different than Auden’s; his quests in the worlds of politics, poetry, religion and the individual person are equally meaningful today. I hope that Ghosh’s heart-felt, compassionate and caring book will send readers back to Auden’s poetry, essays, and plays.” –Jonah Raskin


Foreword – Jonah Raskin, Auden in Error – David Ray, Preface,  I. The Sky is Darkening like a Stain, II. Today, the Struggle, III. The Formless Terror, the Truth about Love, IV.  Poetry Makes Nothing Happen!, V. Making a Vineyard of the Curse, VI. Let Us Praise Our Maker, VII. Summing-Up, Bibliography, Appendix: “Address” by Wystan Hugh Auden at the Bombay session of ICCF.